The image above and below from same newsletter show that 17 months prior to Sept. 1993 was March or April of 1992 - Case Closed!




Below 3 images is THE CARD that proves we were doing the prepaid telco service and selling the cards as per all the claims made by PLAINTIFF. We were doing it on March 16, 1992



front of envelope



back of envelope that held the CHARTER EAGLE CARD



I have this original letter and photo above




Below is another AmeriVox Newsletter detailing the exact launch scenario on the second page










Front of piece that had card inside

Back of piece that had card inside

The Card


Back of card




Below is a account I wrote more than 15 years ago about how I got started in AmeriVox in March 1992, through my buddy Matt Jones,
who still lives here near me in Seattle, pictured with me in newsletter above